A011 error in easytrieve for windows

The name of the file is displayed along with the error code, which appears in both decimal nnn and hexadecimal xx formats. Zweasy is our plug in compatible replacement for easytrieve, at a much lower cost. What do you do if you receive the message, experts123. Goldstar software, with our commitment to helping the developers and endusers of btrieve, has chosen to mirror some of these files for your convenience. Apr 26, 2017 what do you do if you receive the message, b070 value not within acceptable range linesize, when using caendevor to manage caeasytrieve programs. Ibm code samples showing generated cobol vs ca easytrieve. Hi folks, i need to create the btrieve file or recover it somehow i have no clue what is this error. If all columns defined in the file are subject to update, specify the update keyword on the file statement.

I started having problems when i tried to create a new database, we dont own the executive. The third exhibit illustrates the printout of the error file errprint. Easytrieve is designed as an easy to use language for quickly generating reports from databases and other data sources. The following files have been made available by pervasive software for some time on their web site. Thank you for the info but i am missing the following part. If you are operating in a windows server environment. If you dont test, then youll get the invalid file reference if the record is not there.

Istech support forum trying to load btrieve error 3016 dba. Btrieve is the file handling system from pervasive software, inc. For future reference, in case anybody stumbles upon this thread trying to solve another issue pervasive status codes in the 3000 or 3100 series generally indicate a network related issue. Do i need to load brequest if i want to access the btrieve nlm. Where on netwire can i find novells database patches. Hello all, we had a nt server configured with laserfiche using a ricoh scanner which was working perfectly. Posted on august, 2012 categories easytrieve leave a comment on easytrieve check if value is numeric in an alpha variable easytrieve program to parse a string below program parses a string that contains 3 words which are separated by space. Easytrieve for windows development system called 4star for coding custom software applications and converting mainframeebcdic files to windows pc files. This download contains 7 different sample programs, with two versions for each sample. In this phase we are implementing central and security. This loads the appropriate file for clients running windows 32bit operating system. Pansophic systems, incorporated, 1983 computer programs. Should i flag my btrieve files as sharable to netware. Try relinking the tables in the access db to the btrieve file.

Zweasy is an enhanced version of zwriter that includes a built in easytrieve converter. Can anyone pls help me know what is the issue over here. Eztrieve is a patented device designed to make your life easier, and its only available direct from the inventor himself, tyrone armstead of armstead enterprises, llc. Over the years, many developers and independent software vendors isvs have used btrieve database engines to safely store the data for their applications.

Etrieve is a multifaceted program from softdocs containing three separate applications. The btrieve file directory is invalidbtrieve error. Hi, what are the commands which would tell easytrieve that it is a macro. If more space is needed you will need to use work files. If you dont have a btrieve engine on the server, check for bti. After you get to eof in your do, you need to stop when you have finished everything else. Also compact and repair the access db make a backup first. Ca easytrieve plus is an information retrieval and data management system designed to simplify typical programming tasks. An error was detected by vsam for a media manager connect. A file statement specifying one or more table names. Cannot locate the named database specified btrieve stat.

Btrieve error 86 file table full solutions experts exchange. Description we have easytrieve batch abends a011 vsam open error file code 688and have resolved it by specifying a bigger region size. Cas information retrieval and data management tool previous topic next topic 4 posts page 1 of 1. Btrieve error codes 001 199 elliott support center user. Software solutions by custom computer solutions, inc. Click here for the btrieve 12 data sheet from actian. If you cant repair the psql license key yourself, then you will have to contact netcellent. Easytrieve classic and easytrieve plus are two available versions of this programming languages primarily designed to generate reports and are used by large corporations operating in mainframe zos, zvm, zvse, unix, linux, and microsoft windows environments. Cannot locate the named database specified btrieve stat error 2301 index added. Hi, i am trying to write an easytrieve code which in turn calls a cobol program to read a vsam file. After submitting the job i got error a011 vsam open error. It is simple enough for a beginner to use without additional training, and sophisticated enough to enable a data processing expert to perform complex tasks.

City and county of denver colorado charleston county south carolina dauphin county pennsylvania cass county north dakota. Easytrieve can process input files sequentialvsam and read databases including adabas, db2, ca datacomdb, ims and idms. Ca easytrieve plus batch jobs abend with a011 vsam open. Novell sql was renamed to scalable sql reflecting the change in ownership of the company. Syssequences ibm db2 for z os creating declaring, inserting data into db2 temporary tables. For full details on btrieve, consult the btrieve documentation supplied by pervasive software. It is for this reason that you test for the files being available before accessing any fields defined for a record on the file. Almost any businessoriented task can be accomplished. Usually with the file named on the job statement, but when null is specified, it just cycles from the last statement in the job through to the job again.

The two main techniques to repair btrieve error 12 error. Windows 95 rev b oem with versions of brequest prior to 6. Easytrieve a011 vsam type error file filename code. A001 file open error a002 invalid block size a003 insufficient core storage a005 io error a007 table input not in sequence a008 too many. Reclen was not equal to record slot size specified for a relative record data set. Ibm migration utility for zos migrates easytrieve applications to ibm cobol.

Open return and reason codes zos dfsmstvs administration guide gc528800. If you are tired of overpaying ca for easytrieve, we have great news for you. These jobs have ca easytrieve plus batch jobs abend with a011 vsam open error file xxxxx code 688 since installing dbcs option. So i rebuilt another server, got the kofax board working, the nt server configured, pervasive and laserfiche installed. This documentation and related computer software program hereinafter referred to as the. Btrieve was totally rewritten, and on 1 july 1994 btrieve 6. In the righthand frame, doubleclick on requester, change the current value to off, and click ok. Get dateparm newly added to read the datecontrol file. Compiler messages describe errors and warnings detected during compilation of. Btrieve error 161 on password file when starting up elliott. When i try to read the vsam file through the cobol call, the read fails with a file status of 47 trying to read a vsam file that is not opened in input or io mode. Easytrieve a014 premature termination due to previous errors.

Easytrieve define wsvariable w 1 n define wsvariable w 1 n. Easytrieve is a report generator product of ca technologies. I am new to easytrive, i have modified a module and added a new date control card, it is giving the message a010 invalid file reference dateparm. One version contains code using ca easytrieve plus, and the other contains the cobol code generated by the ibm migration utility imu. I have a hospitality accounting system running on a novell server ver 5. Ibm migration utility for zos overview united states. Compatible windows xp, vista, 7 3264 bit, 8 3264 bit, 8. Many shops are looking for a nonca alternative to easytrieve. All works well with win 95 and win 98 workstations, but wont work on a win xp workstation. To process data from an sql table via easytrieve sql file method, you must code the following statements and definitions. Security works in the background and the administrators will handle that part.

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