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Under the hood, u he s diva synth plugin employs advanced modeling based on industrial circuit simulators to recreate the character of beloved analog synths and filters. It is full offline installer standalone setup of uhe diva v1. Many months of intense sound design were used to create these 105 highquality sounds. This brand new collection in the series offers sounds, spanning dark moody atmospheres, modular style fx, and evolving cinematic pads, contrasted with deep house chords and a variety of basses, trance plucks and supersaws. Diva by uhe synth vst plugin, audio units plugin, vst 3. Maybe its because their software is usually breaking down barriers or at least pushing them to new limits. Diva edm, rob lee, 64 edmthemed presets for diva by rob lee free email. How do i load the presets in my music software to use these presets you must have. Diva utopia delivers lots of animated arpeggios, dark basses and bass lines, lush ambient space pads, scifi fxs, dark drums and pulses, inspiring scifi synths and ominous soundscapes from far away worlds. Available as a free download exclusively from the german online magazine amazona. The dark zebra hans zimmer and howard scarr youtube. Delivering the true spirit of analogue audio supremacy, this unique package embodies powerful virtual synthesis capabilities for authentic sonicsounding productions. If youre like me and love musical pads, its hard to find a vst plugin to beat diva.

Dive into the hypnotic world of melodic house and techno with the brand new apex1 diva presets collection by cfasound. Ever since i bought the filterscape plugin, and got completely befuddled with the masses of routing options, ive always been a little excited to see new releases land on the newspage and in rocks diva, this semimodular beast, modelled on not one, but several synths the world defines as classics. Download free and full version software with crack. Bjulins work evokes the dimension, emotion and atmosphere of various sceneslike floating high above the clouds or standing at the edge of a mysterious forest. New loops diva expansion 2 for uhe diva synth preset. Up until now they have provided patches solely for hardware. Vintage world for diva having owned many of these original hardware synthesizers. Diva utopias focus lies on lush and atmospheric dark analog scifi sounds. As you can see, diva is a semimodular synth of sorts, enabling the user to mix and match disparate classic designs. Directors cut features 128 sounds for uhe diva inspired by the blade runner soundtrack.

The music software company uhe has achieved quite a following over the years. Directors cut features 128 sounds for u he diva inspired by the blade runner soundtrack. Aug 29, 2019 origin was built with and for the mighty diva 1. Production music live cercle cercle sounds melodic house. The oscillators, filters and envelopes closely model components found in some of the greatest monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Hive 2, hive 2 plugin, buy hive 2, download hive 2 trial, u. A spokesperson told us, the patches offer pads, strings, motion, bass, leads, arp, keys and sfx.

A few of the clips reveal extra zebrahz features that are not present in the. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument andor the instrument used in the sample. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Top 5 musthave software vst synths for music producers. Vintage synth pads releases, electronic, 150 new presets for diva. Were releasing macos catalina ready updates for all of our plugins, either as completely new versions or as notarized rereleases of current stable versions. The lower half of diva s gui features tabs to access further sections. Presets download spire sylenth1 ni massive vst soundbanks. I use it for most of my pads and arpeggios, hit the choruses and get a. They both incorporate a hidden function in diva s theme application builder which can be used to randomise sounds. We have been designing presets for a very longtime.

This is a quick way to emulate the sound of oberheim. Diva is not a standalone product, it requires host software. Honeycomb brings both a new library of wavetables and presets to the table. New loops diva expansion 2 is the new sound bank for uhe diva. With musicians demanding more and more hardware analog emulations in software format, mo volans tried u he s diva on for size.

Diva captures the spirit of five decades of analogue synthesizers. There are many sounds from the classic years of synthesizers that have rarely or simply not made their way into the vsti plugin realm. Diva comes with a large and varied factory preset library, but sometimes you. Uhe ace tutorial how to make a oberheim pad patch youtube. Luftrum 9 for uhe diva is a soundbank for diva containing cinematic pads, gentle arpeggios and synth emulations but also a few soundscapes, sound effects and strings found their way into the soundbank. With titles such as zebra, bazille, ace and diva, they have a powerful synth plugin lineup. Diva captures the spirit of various analogue synthesizers by letting the user select from a variety of alternative modules. What has been the result of the collaboration is 140 fresh new patches for diva, many with mod and aftertouch assignments to radically change the sound. In humankind 02 there are 64 sounds each for bazille, diva, zebra and zebra hz.

In fact zak is responsible for the worlds first completely sampled recording. Improve your sound design skills and allow your music to stand out. With this set you are going to find warping, drifting pads and drones, grungy. Recreate an old favourite or mixandmatch modules to design your unique hybrid. To bring this project to life, subsonicartz drew inspiration from the history of space exploration, and a lot of movies like the alien series, the chronicles of riddick, moon, the martian, avatar. Download plughugger analog house drums for diva best. Many months of intense sound design were used, to create these 105 high quality sounds. Volta is a visual and functional gui modification for the diva software synthesizer by uhe. In a nutshell, two monophonic oscillators and a lowpass filter are brought to life by a handful of modulation sources, an arpeggiator and a step sequencer, and processed with a quintet of newly added effects modules, all from a single panel. This soundset was partly inspired by a series of futuristic racing games wipeout which were chock full of classic tracks by the likes of orbital, the chemical brothers, leftfield, sasha, the prodigy, fluke, photek and future sound of london. Diva is a classic analogue synth takes the best bits of hardware history and puts them into one incrediblesounding plugin. Plughugger analog house drums for diva wav uhe diva presets 10. Expand your diva preset library scope delivers 107 newly created preset for u he diva. This collection focuses on old school electronic music sounds from the 1970s1980s.

Zenith includes 57 stateoftheart presets for the u he zebra 2 software synthesizer. Diva s oscillators, filters and envelopes which can be mixed and matched closely model components also found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Diva supports native instruments nks format and is compatible with maschine and komplete kontrol hardware. At its highest sound quality settings, diva is a cpuhungry synth, and youll hear the difference. Pad patch creation fx patch creation arp the expert guide is not a simple walkthrough of listing where parameters are, it is a masterclass on how to program u he diva.

The oscillators, filters, and envelopes closely model components found in some of the greatest monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Diva is the first native software synth that applies methods from industrial circuit simulators e. With diva, uhe are attempting to deliver a product which sounds as good as a virtual analogue synth possibly can. Certain software synths are going to be better at different things. A sort of spiritual followup to the highly acclaimed diva, repro1 is a componentmodelled emulation of one of the most iconic monosynths of the 80s. With its semimodular structure of oscillators, filters and envelopes its equally on par with many dedicated analog drum machines, software or hardware. Presets, patches for u he repro5, omnisphere, zebra 2, diva, lush 101, the legend, venom. With zebra2, you can create any additive, freehand, or splinebased waveform you can dream up, apply a massive selection of spectral effects, and morph between the waves before. Diva s dco module was actually inspired by rolands later alpha juno synth, but this plugin is equally adept at aping any one of the junos, including the 106.

Chunky bass, smooth pads, flickering keys and lush leads, with that unmistakable synth cool. Tyrelln6 is the software version manifestation of these ideas. Diva synthwave for uhe diva h2psynthic4te magesy r. Diva is the first native software synth that applies methods. The entire workflow is refined to create a new experience and additional features like an advanced lfo has been added. Diva is the first native software synth that applies methods from industrial. Support is provided via the linux and uhe communities on our forum. Divas oscillators, filters and envelopes which can be mixed and matched closely model components also found in some of the great monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear. Its a great idea that has its roots in diva s origins as one of u he head honcho urs heckmanns development tools.

And while hives pads dont have the same solid and slightly shifting feel to them, they are pretty good and offer very varied options. This bank captures the space and epic scope of the sounds from magesy download that movie and feature haunting leads, dystopian soundscapes, ethereal pads, fm bells, stacked choral pads, overdriven synth sequences and arpeggiated pad sounds. Diva uhe synths made by uhe like zebra synth, never fail to disappoint. The pads in uhes diva really impressed me when i tried that synth out. Its worth noting that the pads, like other sounds, make great use of the effects, unlike diva, which can sometimes do without them. While the plugins are stable, we are not able to provide the same level of support for these products as we do for the macos and windows versions.

All 128 presets in this collection of arpeggios, leads, pads and ambient effects are. A collection of highly anticipated presets for u he s virtual analogue diva. Diva received improvements to its multicore support, ace now has a fully tagged factory patch library, zebrahz was extended with more modules, hive has improved ui responsiveness and repro has fewer crashes, just to name a few of the many improvements. But, says urs, what truly sets diva apart is the sheer authenticity of the circuit emulations at the cost of a relatively high cpuhit, diva is the first. Geosynths has released called orion vol 1, a set of made 140 patches for diva, which they tell us is their first official bank for a software plugin.

Uhe diva best 50 presets, best patches no talking duration. Uhe bjulins atmos preset pack for uhe diva h2p atmos inhabits the space between the real and the fantastical. Stevie wonder was kind enough to loan his synclavier which was used for all the sampling. Dinosaur impersonating virtual analogue synthesizer. Its not a new analogue synth plugin but it remains one of the best out there with outstanding audio quality and functionality.

Free uhe hive presets free presets for hive new loops. This free sound bank includes pads, basses, plucks, chords, synths, sound effects and more. Oscillators, filters, and envelopes from some of the greatest monophonic and polyphonic synths of yesteryear were meticulously modelled for unmatched analogue sound. One thing we wanted to expand on is the wavetables.

Sonic underworld diva utopia for uhe diva r2rdownload. Audiotent uhe diva presets melodic techno and deep. A collection of highly anticipated presets for uhes virtual analogue diva. Unlocking the full potential of this powerful software synth. With diva, uhe makes a second appearance on our list with diva with one of the most famous analoguesounding soft synths and really the one that set the bar high for analogue emulation. Learn everything there is to know about the u he diva software synthesizer. Uhe hive 2 presets and wavetables vintage synth pads. Resonance sound proudly presents the allnew transitions vol.

The list of features is a long one and the range of sounds are eclectic. A walk through some of the dark zebra synth presets a zebra2 soundset created by hans zimmer and howard scarr. U he diva captures the spirit of various analog synthesizers by letting the user select from a variety of alternative modules. Take the uhe diva to its highest potential with sweet presets right out of the box. Feast your ears on 64 pads, plucks, basses, leads, strings, keys, chords and much more for the uhe diva synth, aimed specifically at edm and created by the renowned rob lee music.

Diva synthwave provides 128 patches for uhes diva, glistening with 80s nostalgia and dripping with analogue warmth. All graphics are redesigned carefully after their counterparts. Available as audio units au, vst2, vst3, aax pro tools 10. You may want to check out more software, such as suunto dive manager, dive assistant desktop edition or dive tables creator, which might be similar to u he diva.

The function already existed as a patch, but they made it more user friendly by making the logo a clickable randomiser. Diva has that warm, analogue style tone you have grown to love. Orion vol 1 is the first dedicated software synth patch bank from geosynths and is just the start. We called our new baby colour copy because it can deliver the kind of colouration people still love in classic bbd units, but with a wider variety of colours. For diva support and other u he products, go to the u he website for lively discussions about u he products, go to the u he forum at kvr for friendship and informal news updates, go to our u he facebook page for video tutorials and more, go to our u he youtube channel for thousands of u he presets commercial and free, go to the u he patch. So no stereo spread trickery, thats all up to you to do on your own. Diva utopia is a collection of 150 patches for uhes diva. If you are an existing hive 1 owner and purchased the software. Zak has worked doing engineering and production for well over musicians, several recording. New loops diva expansion 2 is the new sound bank for u he diva. Device skins uhe software synthesizers and effects. The reason why i like synths that were known for their pads is the fact that they could be used for so many different styles of music. Colour copy started life as the little delay unit called lyrebird we built into repro1. The wait is finally over we are delighted to deliver one of the most requested releases from audiotent, division.

But, says urs, what truly sets diva apart is the sheer authenticity of the circuit emulations at the cost of a relatively high cpuhit, diva is the first native. New synth presets zebra, omnisphere, lush, diva, venom, korg, massive, presets. What diva is not is cpulight so uhe have helpfully included a number of accuracy modes as well as multicore support. This production is part of the smithsonian permanent collection. Uhe repro5 disputed zone presets loquacious symmetry for omnisphere 2 uhe repro 5 disputed zone preset expansion new sounds expansion for talmod synth uhe repro5 going deeper talmod preset expansion uhe repro5 electronic expansion talmod special preset expansion talmod atmospheres and pads omnisphere. If you need haunting, filmscore style pads and atmospheres, raw basses that go. Uhe bjulins atmos preset pack for uhe diva h2p go audio.

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