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If the clearance is unacceptable, component tolerance will have to be. Apple rubber products, inc oring, orings, oring, o. Orings and load them also into your created design. The eriks oring design calculator features the calculation of. International and apple are alternatives in sourcing the design handbooks in elastomer application. Browse the function and availability of each groove design.

Since 2007 we have been making getting orings easy by continuing to improve our people, product and process. An oring is a simple and versatile ring shaped packing or sealing device. Apple rubber products, seal design catalog, apple rubber products inc. Butyl rubber has been tested in face type oring seals using grooves that provided 15%, 30% and 50% compression. Now that you have selected a gland design and oring size. Oring calculator helps you to select the recommended oring sizes based on the groove or any size given. Design engineering apple rubber products apple rubber.

Parker recommends utilizing our design tools mobile inphorm and the oring selector design software to guide the user through the design and selection of an oring and corresponding seal gland. If the oring size required is known, simply select the as, bs or iso. Oringkits the handy carrying case with orings is ideally suited for repairs, assembly jobs and workshops, and finally puts an end to the search for the right oring. Here you find all eriks interactive technical tools for orings. Apple rubber engineers have a broad range of experience and knowledge in seal design aquired over more than 25 years of solving problems for countless industries. Orings are typically called out by the inner diameter of the torus and the diameter of the round crosssection. As important as the oring seal itself is the groove that the oring seats into. Throughout this post, im going to refer to the apple rubber website, but i am not affiliated with them. Dovetail groove engineering design guide custom oring. Standards as568, metrics iso 3601, and unusual sizes. An oring seal consists of an oring and a properly designed gland which applies a.

Oring installation design and specification for dynamic reciprocating applications. Designing the parts of an application where orings will be applied is broadly termed oring groove design. If you are using a backup ring in your application, increase the groove width by the maximum thickness of the backup ring. Our goal is to maximize our ability to provide quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers requirements.

Oring groove design considerations and engineering guides for static face seals, metric orings, static dovetail orings, static rodpiston orings and dynamic rodpiston orings. Make sure the squeeze % is sufficiently high enough to seal, but low enough to allow dynamic movements. Largest oring inventory and custom sealing solutions. Find apple o ring related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on globalspec a trusted source of apple o ring information. Squeeze inches oring cross section diameter in inches gland depth. Oring is forced to flow within the groove toward the. Apple o rings are available in a choice of six basic materials, each in a range of optional durometer shore a hardnesses. Introduction seal design guide apple rubber products. Rubber oring seals orings ppe manufactures and supplies fully molded and cnc machined elastomer orings from 1.

Oring calculator, unit converter, oring weight calculator, chemical resistance guide. Parker oring handbook 5700 handbook introduction 12 seals build with the best. Select the type of oring groove piston, rod, face seal or trapped seal. To report problems encountered with the web help interface and search, contact your local support representative. Static stationary rod and piston oring gland design default chart id od. An oring is a solidrubber seal shaped like a dough nut or torus. Apple rubber products is a learning company that has embraced the challenge to explore and develop a variety of manufacturing methods. Quick oring groove design guide during the last couple of years i developed several mechanical designs involving oring grooves. Operating temperature, the desired polymer group or seal hardness. When compressed between mating surfaces, an oring blocks the passage of liquids or gases. Over 25 years of experience and knowledge design engineering department.

Oring design procedure using mobile inphorm parker recommends utilizing our design tools mobile inphorm and the oring selectordesign software to guide the user through the design and selection of an oring and corresponding seal gland. If you are unsure what crosssection size to use, see here. For standard sizes, aerospace standard as568 and iso 3601 for metric sizes are used to give the dimension and tolerance. Those who are already familiar with oring seal design may simply refer to the appropriate design tables for the information needed.

Gland depth x groove width area of the gland must be larger than the cross section area of the oring pi x r2. Choose whether you are working with existing hardware or designing new hardware. Apple rubber stocks the largest inventory of orings in the industry. Reference charts for designing the right oring groove dimensions for optimal oring performance, then order orings online from the worlds largest oring inventory network. Apple rubber oring seal design guide is a good start in learning about several types of oring seals and general procedures oring groove design. The clearances must be held to an absolute minimum consistent with design requirements for temperature variations and should not exceed the values shown. Minnesota rubber and plastics standardline products are made from materials having a hardness of 70 shore a. You will find indepth information on each of these rules and more in the new seal design guide published by apple rubber products. Here you will find an oring groove design guide to help you with your oring gland dimensions. Total indicator reading between groove and adjacent bearing surface. Ace seals engineering design guide provides insight into the appropriate measures for installing these products.

Great design variety special shapes, x and drings are also on offer. Since new designs should also try to incorporate these sizes, we offer groove design tools for static and. Having a circular cross section that functions as a seal, in both static and dynamic applications, by being compressed between the mating surfaces comprising the walls of the gland, in which it is installed. For those who are unfamiliar with oring design, it is recommended to. Oring seals from freudenberg sealing technologies can be adapted across all industries and market segments to technically demanding installation and operating conditions on a customerspecific basis. With one of the largest nonstandard size inventory. Parkerhannifin in my humble opinion, as stated, is the best. In fact, an oring that is not squeezed in its application is the wrong oring.

If there is still no match, then the only remaining options are to change the design of the bore or groove or both. Orings standard as568, iso 3601 apple rubber products. Just select the seal and application type, input your bore, piston, and groove diameters, and the orings inside diameter id and cross section. Oring groove calculator precision polymer engineering. Oring groove design guide for static id od rod piston glands. To verify you have chosen the right oring for you application, use our new oring gland calculator. Parker hannifin corporation oring division 2360 palumbo drive, lexington, ky 40509 phone.

The design of the groove where the oring sits plays a major role in how the oring performs its sealing role. Apple material designation durometers shore a temperature range dry heat only the most commonly used durometer is 70. Otherwise many bad things will happen to your design. Gland design the first thing you need to do is select a gland design. Both are interlinked, thus ensuring the best possible combination of the calculated oring size and material choice. Standard measured dovetail grooves are accessory products that are used to hold an oring in place during the installation or maintenance of a piece of equipment. Gap mm info sealing gap mm calculated values at excentrical position of piston. The groove must be designed to accommodate not just the oring size, but also its intended usage. Orings are available in a wide range of standard and nonstandard sizes that are suitable for nearly all sealing applications. Parker recommends utilizing our inphorm design software. Choose between over 30 construction part materials and 11 oring compounds. Select an oring crosssection size from the available standard sizes.

The parker one is decent but their inphorm software isnt worth the electrons its written on. As well as the chemical volume swell or shrinkage of the oring. Our primary products are o rings in over 30 different compounds. The most common type of seal used for sealing vacuum systems is the oring. Save time calculating and designing oring grooves and verify the oring sealing performance by checking parameters like oring compression, free groove volume, oring inner diameter stretch and much more. For vertical oring applications as a chamber, it is desirable to use an undercut groove similar to that shown in figure 1. We serve customers around the world from our oring warehouse in clarkston, washington. Apple rubber offers the seal industrys largest inventory of orings, which includes every standard as568 and iso 3601 size, and the following. This interactive guide helps you determine the chemical properties, temperature ranges and key uses of chemicals in oring and seal. Solidworks 2016 sp05 to disable web help from within solidworks and use local help instead, click help use solidworks web help.

Oring installation design and specification for dynamic. Oring groove design guides for face seal flange, dovetail flange, static cylinder and piston, and dynamic cylinder and piston designs. Discussion in calculations started by bert, apr 6, 20. Helpful resources what the robotics at marylands subteams use in their work. Oring seals for static and nonrotary dynamic applications. All of the rubber orings we manufacture are available in both small quantities and large volumes. Oring groove design, oring groove dimensions mykin inc.

To complete the oring design process, the oring material needs to be specified based on the seals anticipated environment. Determine the maximum percent gland fill using equation 6. Through our extensive research we believe that these oring groove dimensions and fit details will provide the optimum oring compression squeeze for your seal to prevent oring leaks. In order to seal properly the oring has to deform in the application by being compressed and stretched in any number of ways. For more information on the oring groove calculator or other products please visit our contact page or.

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