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Select a company and brand to find the sml equivalent. Keep moisture, oil, grease, or other organic matter off surface before coating. Unique, highgloss, super durable coating can be applied directly over 2pack epoxy zinc rich primers. Ppg amercoat 68hs protective coatings ppg protective. This multipurpose coating offers breakthrough weather resistance and corrosion control. Any concentration shown as a range is to protect confidentiality or is due to batch variation. Amercoat 891 can be us ed as a self priming coating system over abrasive blast cl eaned steel. Ppg protective and marine coatings uses cookies to offer the basic functionality of the. See application instructions for complete information on surface preparation. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Expect great service from lastercastor and years of protection with quality coating products by ppg amercoat. Amercoat 68hs may be used to repair itself or inorganic zinc primers.

Apply amercoat 68hs as soon as possible to prevent the blasted surface from rusting. Failure to apply antifouling while amercoat 230 is still tacky may result in poor adhesion between coatings and eventual delamination of the antifouling. Outstanding characteristics amercoat 385 is a high build polyamide epoxy with high solids. The zinc content gives a cathodic protection if film is damaged. Your new online msds binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets you need to deploy. If required, cross spray at right angles to first pass.

Applied as part of a coating system amercoat 68g provides superior performance in a wide range of highly corrosive environments. Amercoat 68hs amercoat 68hs with 861 accelerator 500 f 24 hours 16 hours 700 f 16 hours 9 hours 900 f 8 hours 5 hours 45. Ppg protective and marine coatings is a global leader in the development of innovative technologies in the highperformance coatings industry. Amercoat ppg coatings from protection engineering featuring amerlock 2400 epoxy coating. It is specifically suitable as marine ballast water tanklining. Amercoat 160hf may show a soft settlement of zinc on the bottom of the can. Amercoat 68g is a two component metallic zinc rich epoxy primer. In case youre unable to find the material safety datasheet msds you require, refer to your local sales office. Amercoat 68hs is a shop primer for bar e steel on new construction or major repair projects. Amercoat 878 heat resistant silicone coating ac878pd r230998. Amercoat 385 application instructions smith and allan. Because amercoat 68hs is not prone to dry spray, using it eliminates the need for sanding.

Amercoat 68hs cure sub codes represent substances without registered cas numbers. Apply amercoat 68hs as soon as possible to prevent blasted surface from rusting. Addition of amercoat 861 accelerator is recommendedfor this procedure. Amercoat 68hs voc resin product code00334810 product name date of issue24 november 2019version3 5. Like all high performance coatings, amercoat 370 must be applied as recommended to obtain the maximum performance. Amercoat 488 can be applied direct to clean steel as a barrier coat for mild nonaggressive environments. Amercoat 450h gloss aliphatic polyurethane a ppg brand gloss topcoat offers excellent appearance and outstanding durability. No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without suitable. Ppg protective and marine coatings amercoat 450h is a twocomponent gloss polyurethane topcoat with unlimited recoatibility, low voc, outstanding weather resistance and excellent color and gloss retention.

Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious or convulsing person. Amercoat 68h low voc zinc rich epoxy primer product data application instructions x high solids, low voc x high metallic zinc content in the dry film x combines epoxy s toughness with zinc s superior protection x outstanding resistance to severe weathering x superior performance in industrial and marine environments. Amercoat 68hs voc is a shop primer for bare steel on new construction or major repair projects. For immersion service use only the standard colours. Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Environmental conditions ambient temperatures amercoat 68hs 32f to 120f 0c to 49c. P069 page16 description glossaliphaticpolyurethanetopcoat450series principalcharacteristics. Separate regulators for air and fluid pressure are recommended. Amercoat 385 pa contains zinc phosphate for enhanced corrosion inhibitive performance, which is available in us and asia pacific only also available with mio pigmentation amercoat 385 lh is formulated for a lower level of haps, which is available only in us. Thinner amercoat 65xylene,amercoat 101recommendedfor90f,amercoat 911 cleaningsolvent amercoat 12cleaneror amercoat 65thinnerxylene primers amercoat 370, amercoat 385, amercoat 399, amerlock 2400, amercoat 235, amercoat. Amercoat 68hs can also be used as a field maintenance primer over bare steel or steel coated with or ganic or inor ganic zinc primers and epoxy topcoats such as, amercoat 385, amerlock series or amershieldtm. Allow 510 minutes flash off prior to heating past 120f. To obtain the maximum performance for which amercoat 370 is formulated, strict adherence to all application instructions.

It has excellent adhesion to inorganic zincs, and is easily applied by airless or conventional spray. Psx, thinfilm, intumescents, epoxy, polyurethane, zincrich primers and antifouling coatings. Amercoat 385 multi purpose polyamide epoxy ac385ai r01112003 supersedes r120997 application instructions to obtain the maximum perfo rmance for which amercoat 385 is formulated, strict adherence to all application instructions, precautions, c onditions and limitations is necessary. Amercoat 68hs powder product code00294294 product name date of issue21 february 2020 version1. Amer coat 68hs may be used to r epair amercoat 370 pearl gray. All other thirdparty marks are property of their respective owners. For touch up and repair, power tool cleaning in accordance with sspc sp11 is acceptable. Choose one of the following product brands to view the associated ppg amercoat products, or get a quickquote amercoat 488 forms an excellent corrosion barrier and is suitable for most industrial new construction, repair and field maintenance applications. Amercoat 385 can be topcoated with amongst others psx 700, amercoat 440 and amercoat 450s. Greyed out products do not have an equivalent or we do not have enough information to make a comparison at this time.

Amercoat 370 is a fast dry epoxy coating suitable for low temperature or fast handling applications. Amercoat 488 is userfriendly and can be applied by a variety of spray application methods. Normal recommended dry film thickness per coat is 4 to 8 mils for amercoat 230. Please call us on 01285 8622 and we should be able to provide a solution for your specific application.

No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without suitable training. Firefighting measures promptly isolate the scene by removing all persons from the vicinity of the incident if there is a fire. Product nameamercoat 68hs voc resin at68hsva4g05 date of issue28 january 2020version6 section 4. Other companies are charging thousands of dollars to set up accounts and give you access to their msds online database. Amercoat 37b1 and amercoat 37g1 are selfpriming and may be applied directly to bare steel. Application data summary for complete information on procedures, equipment and safety. No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without. Amercoat 891 may also be applied over most dimetcote primers. This table is only a guide to show typical resistances of amercoat 399. Stir amercoat 160hf to an even consistency with a power mixer. Amercoat 68hs is an organic zinc rich primer with excellent adhesion to prepared steel.

P089 page16 description onecomponent,multipurposeepoxy principalcharacteristics uniqueepoxyformulation. Amercoat ppg protective coatings protection engineering. All amercoat protective coatings are designed to prevent corrosion. Adhere to all instructions, precautions, conditions and limitations during storage, handling, application and drying periods to obtain maximum performance. With suitable topcoats it withstands splash or spillage of water, solvents, chemicals and. Look to ppg amercoat protective coating systems for steel and concrete, commercial, industrial, marine and oem. Amercoatone productdatasheet october29,2015revisionofoctober2,2015 ref. Amercoat 235, amercoat 236, amercoat 370 or amercoat 385 amercoat 450h amerlock series amercoat 450h amercoat 68hs amercoat 385 amercoat 450h amercoat 68ws amercoat 450h continuous intermittent flash point cure resin amercoat 65 amercoat 101 amercoat 12 m2l 26.

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