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The invention of lying sees gervais retooling an original idea from matthew robinson, and starring as mark bellison. The invention of lying by ricky gervais, matthew robinson. Is the fact that hes written and directed this one, as well as. Confessions of an obese child to purchase his book. Ricky gervais is the darwin of the multiplex romcom the office and extras creators directorial debut is a highconcept movie that posits religion as a huge con. The invention of lying is a 2009 american speculative romantic comedy film written and. Ricky gervais gives a spoton, sensitive and funny performance as the character who invents lying. Starring ricky gervais,jennifer garner, jonah hill, louis c. It doesnt quite follow through on its promise, and relies too heavily on shopworn romantic comedy tropes, but the. The film stars gervais as the first human with the ability to lie in a world where people can only tell the truth. Critics reveal truth about ricky gervaiss the invention of lying.

The invention of lying is not hysterical by any means, its actually rather heartwarming in places, but you will laugh and you will feel moved by its thoughtprovoking tendencies. The first trailer is out for ricky gervais new film. But i digress, and theres far too much of that going on around this film as it is. Theres no such thing as a lie or untruth in the society that writersdirectors ricky gervais and matthew robinson have created in the invention of lying. Ricky gervais, jonah hill, jennifer garner, jason bateman, louis c. Jennifer garner and ricky gervais in the invention of lying 2009 jane fallon and. A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain. The invention of lying is a highconcept comedy set in a world where everyone always tells the truth until gervaiss character, a screenwriter. The invention of lying, in addition to being very funny and inventive, is an attempt at a genuine statement about life, social discourse and morality. Hes short and chunky with a flat nose a genetic setup that means he wont get to first base with anna, the woman he loves. The invention of lying by matthew robinson jennifer. Mark, along with everyone in the world, is only capable of telling the truth.

In the invention of lying, cowriterdirector and star ricky gervais plays a portly, snubnosed screenwriter living in a world where the very notion of telling a lie is unfathomable. The rest is an atheistic treatise mocking anyone who believes there is a god and that he. The invention of lying 2009 was written and directed by ricky gervais and matthew robinson. Then, when his mothers on her deathbed, frightened of the eternal void awaiting her, mark invents fiction. Film blog might the invention of lying be the first ricky gervais film proper. The invention of lying, written and directed by ricky gervais and matthew robinson 8. Everyonefrom politicians to advertisers to the man and woman on the street. At a bank, on the spur of the moment he blurts out a fib, with eyepopping results.

Invention of lying, the bluray in a world where people speak the truth and have no concept of deception, a young man about to lose everything invents the lie and goes on to change not just the nature of moviemaking, but creates the basis of religion. The invention of lying original theatrical trailer youtube. The invention of lying takes place in an alternate reality where lying even the concept of a liedoes not exist. The invention of lying 2009 15 1h 39m us movies in a world where no one fibs, a screenwriter gains fame and fortune and maybe the girl of his dreams by saying things that arent true. The official facebook page for the invention of lying. The new ricky gervais film, the invention of lying, postulates a world in which no one has ever told a lie. Cast information crew information company information news box. The invention of lying 2009, fantasy romance released in english language in theatre near you in. Theres not even a word for the concepts of truth or falsehood which can only be described with difficulty as things that arent. The invention of lying and critical literacy duration.

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